Here's What Others Have To Say About Pauline...


...A True Asset To Any Company or Business

"Pauline has been writing on my copywriting team for the past 2 years and in this time she has been a solid, reliable writer producing countless winning marketing packages. She continues to blow me away with her grasp of marketing ideas and the way she seamlessly applies them to the written word.  

I know that whenever I give Pauline a project it will be done in a timely and efficient manner... and always to her consistent high standard. In fact, when I critiqued her first project she surprised me because I barely needed to use my red pen. Now days, I don’t even get it out of the draw.  

It has been a pleasure to watch Pauline become one of Australia’s Top Female Copywriters, if not in the world. She is an extremely versatile marketer/ copywriter and has written for 34 different industries since starting on my team.  

Her willingness to dig deep when she researches an industry, combined with her ability to find the exact emotional triggers, ensures her copy hits the mark every time. Pauline is a pleasure to work with and a true asset to any company or business she works with."

Mal Emery - Australia's Millionaire Maker Mal Emery - Australia's Millionaire Maker
StreetSmart Marketing

 I Was Ready To Hand Over My Money To Myself...

"After years of either writing my own content, or asking my team to do it, I finally gave into the pen and called for help. I was fortunate that Pauline was in between large clients projects and rescued me. 

She immersed herself in my websites, Linked in profile and even watched all the videos I had created to ensure she surrounded herself by my words, message and my shar-inisms!

I eagerly awaited the new sales letter to hit my inbox and what I received blew me away!  As I was reading this very lengthy document, I felt drawn into the words as if she was speaking about someone else.  I felt like I knew the person and immediately felt connected and wanted to make a buying decision and I was only just into the 1st page!  It was informative, light hearted, educational, realistic and overwhelmingly convincing to attend the YWeekend workshops that I was hosting! 

I was ready to hand over my money to myself - now that’s some great copy… After loading it to my landing page and announcing it on social media, I popped to the bathroom and made a cuppa...  When I returned, I had my 1st booking and attendee already…WOW!

I then asked Pauline to create my Speakers Pack and About Me page for my website and I know that this journey is just beginning. 

When you are on a winner, Y change?   I can’t recommend Pauline enough and there are clients I have been and will be referring her to, as everyone needs this service.  Thanks Pauline for making me sound so fantastic! Love your work."

Shar Moore - Keynote Speaker, Author, Mentor Shar Moore - Keynote Speaker, Author, Mentor
YNetwork - YWoman - YMagazine

...Uniquely Brilliant!

"Pauline is the ultimate partner when it comes to copywriting. I have no hesitation asking her to work with my top end clients and know that every time she will deliver an outstanding result.

Pauline is a key member of my team... her service, skills and ability to reach inside a prospects mind and transfer their utmost desires and concerns into words is uniquely brilliant!"

Marie Broderick Marie Broderick
The Grow Agency

...Great At Improving Profits

"I wanted to take a minute out to write you a testimonial for any of your prospective customers to read should they find themselves on the fence and considering if they should utilise the services of a professional copywriter in lieu of stumbling through it themselves.

I have already used Pauline in the past to write some seriously great copy for a marketing project I put together for my sales business. The results were instant in that my turnaround time diminished dramatically, but it was the sheer jump in sales volumes that Pauline’s copy generated for me that really impressed me. The results were SO impressive that I didn’t even have to implement ANY of the follow up sequence that Pauline wrote for me as her copy and what she put together for me worked so well in the first instance.

Consequently, I have returned to Pauline time and time again for her copywriting expertise. The professional manner in which she conducts her business will leave you both astounded and also angry that you didn’t find her sooner. She really is that great at improving the profits of your business. Working with Pauline for your copy requirements really is the best thing you can do for your business and your bank balance. Trust me !

Kevin Enright Kevin Enright
Smart Property Investors

...Pauline Has That "IT" Factor!

"I've been in the Marketing Industry for over a decade as a world-class copywriter and strategist.  When you've trained thousands of copywriters as I have, you start to know which ones have raw talent and which ones need some extra help.

Pauline has that "IT" Factor I've rarely seen in professional writers who have been doing this for eons.  She grasps exactly how to make her product shine while racking up high conversions for her clients.

She's naturally savvy on so many levels.  Highly recommend her work."

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Red Hot Copy

Almost Famous Copywriter

"Anyone can call themselves a copywriter . . . fact is, not too many are copywriters with any proven results.  Pauline is a rare exception.  Her copywriting skills are deadly lethal for her client's competitors because of how successful her sales copy converts for clients.  Her copy is always riveting to read and she understands the prodigious power of the written word which compels people to buy.

I've been mentoring Pauline, privately for 1 year as a copywriting protege and I have witnessed first hand what she's unleashed in terms of her copywriting genius and in just 1 year, she's almost famous, yet she lets her results do the talking for her.

She has marketing savvy and a sharp business sense which combined, gives her clients the competitive edge they seek when making the investment in her copywriting skills.  I've personally and privately, trained a good number of copywriters over the years . . . it's Pauline first and daylight second in terms of her successful track record.

When you want results instead of reasons, do yourself a favor and invest in Pauline's copywriting services, you'll be very glad you did!"

Trevor Trevor "Toe-Cracker" Crook
Unlimited Success Report

...NAILED Our Business Pitch Perfectly!

"I have great pleasure in providing the following testimonial for Pauline Longdon, who we recently engaged to prepare a Copy written Booklet on a "Shock and Awe" Marketing Program for the launch of our new Accounting Practice: Hotel Accountants of NSW Pty Ltd.

We submitted a detailed Questionnaire to Pauline, who not only 'NAILED' our Business Pitch Perfectly but the turnaround time and amendments to the final review stage were very timely.

We were astonished that not only Pauline was able to deliver our company story but took the time to discuss it with us prior to writing so that it was expressed in our language.

In the 20 years we have been Accountants, we have never encountered such a Master of a Marketing Brief.

We have no hesitation in recommending Pauline as a Copywriter and I would only be too happy to attest to her professional skills in person."

John Morrison John Morrison
NSW Hotel Consultants Pty Ltd

...The Best Of The Best

"Pauline’s commitment to her work is unparalleled. From the first initial contact with her I knew she was going to give 110% to the job. Her excitement really made me feel at ease and that we had given the job to the right person!

Communication was a slight concern for me as we are in different states; however Pauline was always able to be contacted and would always get back to me as soon as possible. If she couldn’t be contacted for a few days she would give me as much notice as possible.

Her work is the best of the best and you always feel like you can speak freely with Pauline if there are ever any changes or issues you have. Working with Pauline is a pleasure and it feels more like a partnership. She is extremely reliable and really went above and beyond for us. I highly recommend her and her work.  Thanks Pauline!"

Jeacinta Martino
Martino Property Group

...Pauline Was Amazing To Deal With!

"Pauline wrote the copy for an information pack we send out to new prospects. From the initial planning session at the beginning through to the finished product Pauline was amazing to deal with! I was regularly kept up to date with the project and could get as involved as I wanted.

Pauline understood my concept right from the get go, she worked quickly and delivered exactly what I wanted before the deadline.

I highly recommend Pauline to anyone looking for a copywriter to tap into the minds of your target audience and cause them to take action."

Roger Stuart, NSW, Australia