Hiding In Plain Sight


Here's what Ray Edwards has to say about Pauline...

Pauline is Best Known as "The Copy Alchemist" because she Turns Words into Cash.

Pauline is an Emotional Direct Response Copywriter and Marketer, who has crammed a decade of copywriting experience into only a few short years.

She has made a seamless transition from retired Army Nursing Major, to a complimentary therapist, a businessperson and now as a well-paid, in demand copywriter. Pauline uses her vast life experience and natural communication style to help translate her clients heartfelt and mindful messages into meaningful marketing masterpieces.

In this interview she candidly shares how she overcame depression and “the Imposter Syndrome” to take her rightful place in the Copywriting Pantheon.  Pauline also explains the "Power of Yes" and that you’re closer to your breakthrough than you think.

The wisdom flowed like a peaceful river through our conversation…make sure you have a notepad handy for this one.