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"…A True Asset To Any Company or Business"

"Pauline has been writing on my copywriting team for the past 2 years and in this time she has been a solid, reliable writer producing countless winning marketing packages.  She continues to blow me away with her grasp of marketing ideas and the way she seamlessly applies them to the written word.

I know that whenever I give Pauline a project it will be done in a timely and efficient manner… and always to her consistent high standard. In fact, when I critiqued her first project she surprised me because I barely needed to use my red pen.  Now days, I don’t even get it out of the draw.

It has been a pleasure to watch Pauline become one of Australia’s Top Female Copywriters, if not in the world.  She is an extremely versatile marketer/ copywriter and has written for over 34 different industries since starting on my team.  Her willingness to dig deep when she researches an industry, combined with her ability to find the exact emotional triggers, ensures her copy hits the mark every time.

Pauline is a pleasure to work with and a true asset to any company or business she works with."

Mal Emery
Mal Emery Australia's Millionaire Maker

From The Desk Of:       Pauline Longdon, known as... "The Copy Alchemist"
Location:                           Brisbane, Australia

25th May 2024

Dear Friend...

     If you have ever wanted to single out your customer prospects with the reliable accuracy of a top secret surveillance system (able to spot and hit your target from a mile away)… while you continue on with your core business and make a huge profit… then this will be the most important message you ever read.

  Here’s What This Is All About: 

My name is Pauline Longdon, and a little while ago I was a struggling business owner.  I was running an alternative therapy business and I had a love hate relationship with marketing.  Some days my ads would hit the right spot… while the next ad would fall flat. 

    But mind you, even what I thought was a success, was only a few dollars over “break even.”  I was putting good money after bad and my business was suffering because of it.

    It drove me crazy!  I had no consistency, I was attracting the wrong type of clients... you know the ones, always asking for a discount or arguing over price! 

    I had no real way to know which ad would work and which one would fail. I felt like I was playing “Advertising Roulette!” It wasn’t as though I was doing nothing about it either.  I was carefully watching my competitors and doing exactly what they were doing.

     And that was the problem!

     That’s how I ran into my first marketing mentor. And my life instantly changed for the better. After a few short meetings and some solid advice...

    • My ads were starting to work consistently and brought in my perfect clients. Who were more than happy to pay me for my services without whining about it. (In fact the new clients I was attracting thought I was too cheap!)
    • I saw an immediate improvement in my bottom line. Where I had been struggling to attract clients, now I was having to refuse them or book them in weeks in advance. (For the first time, I actually had a waiting list! And the best part... they were more than prepared to wait!)
    • Plus - Incredibly -

Although I Was Only Targeting Locally...
I Had People Calling From Other Countries.
My Reach Had Gone Global!

     And it gets better and better! My confidence as a business owner was increasing and I became the top practitioner in Australia. I even had people travel from places like Switzerland, The Canary Islands, Hong Kong and many other places, to learn from me. It was incredible... almost magical!

     But it wasn’t magic at all! You see what I learned from my mentor had nothing to do with me... and everything to do with the marketing techniques he’d mastered over the years. He told me there is a “Trinity of Success” skills every business owner needs to have to be successful. He had mastered all 3 which was the key to his success. But he only shared one of them with me... marketing.

My Mentor had traveled far and wide to discover the secret of the “Trinity of Success”... and even further to master them. His own mentors were some of the brightest minds in the business. People like Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, and Ted Nicholas... and a list of other people which would take up all the pages of this letter at least.

     Determined to find and experience the “Trinity of Success” for myself, I started my own search. The obvious place to start was to find his mentors. I found these men and studied their teachings... and the ones I couldn’t get to personally, I studied them through their books and study packs.

     The more I looked, the more it became clear...

These Men Had An Unfair Advantage Over Their Competition!

     It was because they had learned to give their market exactly what they wanted... the way they wanted it. And better still, clearly communicate it to them. It sounds so simple now as I share this wisdom with you. The problem is, most business owners miss it because they are too absorbed in their business to notice. I know, I was.

It wasn’t long before I had found the second skill in the “Trinity of Success.”

      The art of salesmanship in print... otherwise known as “Copywriting!” The ability to clearly articulate your marketing message is highly critical to the success of your business. The problem is, many business owners have a great message... they just can’t put it into words.

      It was the same story for me. I had hired a marketing company to help me, because I had no desire to be a copywriter. I had a successful business to grow. The problem was, even though I paid a small fortune... the company couldn’t write the type of copy I needed. They struggled, but the worst part was, they blamed me!

      This experience lit a fire in my belly! How dare they treat a high paying client like this? Very quickly, I found my first copywriting mentor. And, the first lesson was...

The 8 Words To Never Use When You Write Copy!
Use Them And Your Ads Will Fail!

     Naturally, I went through my earlier ads and as you would expect... I had used several of these words multiple times!  I could hardly believe my eyes!  What was I thinking??  But I guess, if you don’t know, how can you do anything about it.

      Bitten by the “copy bug,” I was hungry to learn more.  I worked with world class direct response copywriters such as John Carlton, Ted Nicholas, Trevor Crook, Pete Godfrey, Alexi Neocleous, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Harlan Kilstein and Mike Morgan to help me become the best copywriter I could be.  It was tough, and completely necessary to gain the skills needed to be a great copywriter.   Because...

You Only Have A Few Seconds To Catch A Persons Attention...
Then You Have To Keep It And Make Them Keep Reading!

     Otherwise there is no point!  You see if you are still reading this letter now... then the skills I have learned are working.  Which is what emotional direct response copywriting is all about!  You need to tap into the emotion of your prospect so you can turn them into a client or customer.

      Any copywriter worth their weight will know:

    • How to push the emotional buttons of the reader so a need is highlighted or created. (The reader actually convinces themselves they need what you have, instead of you having to do the hard sell!)
    • The 8 words to never use when writing copy and why using them will cause the reader to pause or leave the page! (You’d never believe how common these words are and how often they are used!)
    • Why conversational writing wins against word-prefect, grammatically correct academic writing any day! (Certain rules still apply, but never at the expense of readability!)
    • The massive difference between Content and Copy. (If your “copywriter” is writing content... sack them now!)
    • How to ask for the sale in the call to action…a copywriter who can’t sell is worthless to you! Because copywriting is salesmanship in print... the copywriter must know how to ask for the sale! (The first sign you get they can’t sell is when they give you a cheap price! Copywriting is the most expensive skill you can pay for, and if a copywriter quotes low… they can’t sell! Great copywriters charge 4, 5 and 6 figures for their work!)
    • What the biggest emotional hot buttons of your market are and how to hit them every time (hitting these hot buttons will make your market want, need and desire everything you have to sell them)
    • How to make the reader read the first line, then the next... then the next (Even when they think they don’t have enough time, they unexpectedly find themselves at the bottom of the page!)
    • The one simple mistake even pro marketers make which kills any interest in what you’re selling quick smart! (Avoiding this simple mistake will save you thousands of dollars!)
    • How to help the client to understand the basic principles and strategies of copywriting. (The more you understand, the more you’ll see how much copywriting craft and skill is in even the simplest looking message. And why changing or “improving” the message could be the worst thing you can ever do!)
    • Exactly how to diagnose problems in your copy which are severely limiting your profits (and how to correct them to instantly boost your conversions, increase your results and put more money in your pocket!)
    • How to ensure your message reaches the right market and speaks to them in a way they understand (when you do, people will feel like you really know them and will buy from you!)
    • The inner workings of successful Emotional Direct Response Marketing campaigns and strategies (And how to make them work for any client, in any industry successfully!)

         PLUS: The copywriter should add value to your business, never take away from it.  If they are able to do everything mentioned above, then you have a great, valuable copywriter on your hands.  If they can’t... then keep looking until you find someone who can.  (Fortunately, you never need to look far.  They may even be right in front of you!)

         And a copywriter needs to be a great marketer as well!  If they are just a copywriter, then the copy they produce is one dimensional and limited in what it can do for your business.

         When a copywriter is a marketer as well, they can see the flow of the marketing funnel and know how the copy needs to fit into it.  Often they can see “holes” to be filled or areas which need to be strengthened for the marketing to work at an optimal level.

         Naturally, when the copywriter is a great marketer... the copy they produce has more depth and consistency throughout the entire package.  In fact, they can map out a whole marketing package or funnel for you and write it!

         Can a great copywriter really make a difference in your business?  You bet they can!  Just listen to what these business owners say:

    “…Pauline Has That “IT” Factor!”


    “I’ve been in the Marketing Industry for over a decade as a world-class copywriter and strategist. When you’ve trained thousands of copywriters as I have, you start to know which ones have raw talent and which ones need some extra help. Pauline has that “IT” Factor I’ve rarely seen in professional writers who have been doing this for eons. She grasps exactly how to make her product shine while racking up high conversions for her clients. She’s naturally savvy on so many levels. Highly recommend her work.”

    Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Red Hot Copy, California USA

    “…Uniquely Brilliant!”

    “Pauline is the ultimate partner when it comes to copywriting. I have no hesitation asking her to work with my top end clients and know that every time she will deliver an outstanding result. Pauline is a key member of my team… her service, skills and ability to reach inside a prospects mind and transfer their utmost desires and concerns into words is uniquely brilliant!"

    Marie Broderick, The Grow Agency, New Zealand

    “…Pauline Was Amazing To Deal With!”

    “Pauline wrote the copy for an information pack we send out to new prospects. From the initial planning session at the beginning through to the finished product Pauling was amazing to deal with! I was regularly kept up to date with the project and could get as involved as I wanted.
    Pauline understood my concept right from the get go, she worked quickly and delivered exactly what I wanted before the deadline. I highly recommend Pauline to anyone looking for a copywriter to tap into the minds of your target audience and cause them to take action.”

    Roger Stuart, NSW, Australia

    “…NAILED Our Business Pitch Perfectly!”

    “I have great pleasure in providing the following testimonial for Pauline Longdon, who we recently engaged to prepare a Copy written Booklet on a “Shock and Awe” Marketing Program for the launch of our new Accounting Practice: Hotel Accountants of NSW Pty Ltd. We submitted a detailed Questionnaire to Pauline, who not only ‘NAILED’ our Business Pitch Perfectly but the turnaround time and amendments to the final review stage were very timely. We were astonished that not only Pauline was able to deliver our company story but took the time to discuss it with us prior to writing so that it was expressed in our language. In the 20 years we have been Accountants, we have never encountered such a Master of a Marketing Brief. We have no hesitation in recommending Pauline as a Copywriter and I would only be too happy to attest to her professional skills in person.”

    John Morrison, NSW Hotel Consultants Pty Ltd, Australia

    “...Marketing Savvy And A Sharp Business Sense”

    “Anyone can call themselves a copywriter . . . fact is, not too many are copywriters with any proven results. Pauline is a rare exception. Her copywriting skills are deadly lethal for her client’s competitors because of how successful her sales copy converts for clients. Her copy is always riveting to read and she understands the prodigious power of the written word which compels people to buy. She has marketing savvy and a sharp business sense which combined, gives her clients the competitive edge they seek when making the investment in her copywriting skills. I’ve personally and privately, trained a good number of copywriters over the years . . . it’s Pauline first and daylight second in terms of her successful track record. When you want results instead of reasons, do yourself a favor and invest in Pauline’s copywriting services, you’ll be very glad you did!”

    Trevor 'Toe Cracker' Crook, Unlimited Success Report, Global Citizen

         Are these business owners any different than you? Not at all! They represent many different industries and all have experienced similar issues in their business as you have.

        What they have done is, put their doubts and fears aside for a moment, so they could see for themselves the difference a great copywriter could make in their business. For some, the investment seemed more than they could comfortably afford… but it was worth every cent.

    If you, too, can put your doubts and fears aside for a short time, you can see as well what it is like to have professionally written copy for your business… and experience the type of market domination and increased market share you’ve only dreamed about and…

    Even Better, You Can Compete Against The Biggest Companies
    For A Fraction Of The Cost They Spend On Advertising!

         Listen: A lot of advertising people will be angry with me for sharing this secret with you… especially because they are scraping mega dollars out of the big players!

         But, too bad! Because of their trickery, businesses like yours believe they have to use advertising techniques which don’t work. You see, you don’t need to spend a fortune or a king’s ransom on advertising to attract clients. And, you don’t need the extravagant marketing budgets of the big companies to compete against them.

         What you’ve been told about advertising and having to have continuity to be seen is complete B.S! You don’t need an ad filled with vague graphics and logos to “brand” you so you are known in the marketplace. No, what you need is an ad which tells people to do something. To engage with you!

         And that is precisely what Emotional Direct Response Marketing is all about! You need the reader of your marketing material to take the next step… and you tell them what the next step is. It is so surprisingly simple (but not easy) and effective to do, it is amazing the bigger companies don’t use these methods as well. But when they have such a huge marketing budget… I guess they have to spend the money on something.

         This is where you are different! You may not have a large marketing budget and every dollar you invest in marketing must give you a return on your money. Because when you…

    Get Your Marketing Right… It Pays For Itself
    Or Gives You Money Back!

         Imagine having a marketing system where every time you invest a dollar, you have a dollar returned. Anyone would invest in a system like that. But what if for every dollar you invest, you have $5, $10 or $20 returned to your business! Sounds hard to believe I know. Yet businesses are having those types of returns and better every day.

          How do they do it? Simple! They have marketing material written by an Emotional Direct Response Copywriter, like me. They know the value of investing in their success and the future of their business.

          Can this work for your business? Of course it can! Where ever you have words in your business, or need to have words in your business, when they are written by a professional copywriter:

    • Readability Increases
    • Response rates improves
    • And you have more time to do what you are good at… making money!

         Isn’t that what business is all about… making money!

         So the easiest way to find out how to have your marketing professionally written by a professional copywriter, like myself is to have…

    A Free “Direct Response Marketing Mastermind Session”
    (Valued At $500!)

         Here’s how it works: As you know, every business is different so it is impossible and even disrespectful to offer you a “one size fits all” marketing solution.

    All you need to do is email me at with the specifics of what you need (as you understand it.) Be sure to include your contact details and your location (for simple time zone conversion) and the best time to call you.

          We will connect by phone or Skype and talk about your project. I will help you to find areas which may need improvement and give you a few ideas to get you started. If you like my ideas and feel comfortable to hire me to write for you, then I send you a proposal for your acceptance…

    There Is No Obligation and No Risk!


          If you are not thrilled with what I write, I’ll rewrite it at my own expense. You have no risk at all. You’ll have world class copy written marketing material for your business, and it is all risk free.

          So email me today. You have nothing to lose and I know you are going to be delighted with the results you’ll get from your marketing.

    Your Marketing Partner,


    Pauline Longdon
    "The Copy Alchemist"

    P.S. Please contact me right now while you are still reading. There is no risk, no reason at all not to book your free “Direct Response Marketing Mastermind Session”(Valued At $500!)  You don’t know what you don’t know… until you find someone who can show you! Email me at and let’s start making some serious money!

    P.P.S. If you are curious to know what the third skill in the Success Trinity is… it is delegation. My Mentor told me he only does the 10% of what he is good at, and he outsources the rest. I am fortunate to have learned this skill when I was an Officer in the Army. You see, the whole success of a campaign depends on having the right person doing the right job. Too often I would see other “leaders” who would try to do everything themselves and never let go of the smaller jobs. Sadly they would always fail. A true leader knows how to build a reliable, powerful and talented team around them so they are successful. What type of team do you have?