with Gary Bencivenga

with Richard Viguerie

with Richard Armstrong

with Kevin and Bond Halbert

with Ray Edwards

with Katie Yeakle

with Patrick Bove

with Fernando Cruz

with Marcella Allison and Kim Krause Schwalm

with Mal Emery

with Bret Thomson

Pauline with Ted Nicholas

with Clayton Makepeace

with Lori Haller and David Deutsche

with Doberman Dan

with Tina Lorenz

with Joe Schriefer

with Dave Dee

with Todd Brown

with Steve Sipress

Lunch at Barney's Beanery - Santa Monica

with Alexi Neocleous

with Joe Sugarman

with Parris Lampropoulos

with Kevin Rogers

with Eric Betuel

with Leah Carson

with Belinda Brewster and Marcella Allison

with Perry Belcher

with Rich Schefren

with Nader Anise

with Will Newman

with Brian Cassingena

with Dan Kennedy

with John Carlton

with Carline Anglade-Cole

with Lorrie Morgan

With Brian Kurtz and Ryan Levesque

with Richard Lindner and Ryan Diess

with Jon Benson

with Barnaby Kalan

with Illise Benum

Outside the AWAI Office with Rae

with Armand Morin

On the Stage...

Presenting on Pete Godfrey's stage

sharing the stage with David Deutsche and Brian Kurtz

Talking about my book "From Depression's Darkness" on stage with Kevin Rogers

Presenting at Titanides Live 2017 with Lorrie Morgan