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I see it all the time… People spend a small fortune on creating their website. Having the perfect graphics, their logo re done, all the bells and whistles done…but they forget one vital component! The words!

Perhaps it is because at school, we weren’t taught how to write code for a website or make beautiful graphics. We were however, taught how to write. Am I right? To pass high school, we all have to have a good grasp of the English language (in Australia anyway!).

So it stands to reason, if you passed English at high school… then you can slap a few words together. How hard can it be?

It isn’t hard when you know what you are doing. The reality is… not too many people know what they are doing. The written word can be a minefield of double meanings and mixed messages. Just look at what happens on social media.

A person will put up a “harmless” post about a life milestone and everyone chimes in and has an opinion. People will misread the message and take offence to it, then they’ll rant all over the post thread trying to convince everyone of how“right” they are. Other people won’t read it if it looks too hard or too long… You see people have a shorter attention span than ever be… oh, look a butterfly!

My point is… what is happening on social media is happening on your webpage. You can have the most spectacular looking webpage… but when you have the wrong words, people don’t engage with you.

Think about it. What is the true purpose of your website? Is it to promote your product or services? What are you really selling?

I know there is the word everyone hates… selling. But let’s be honest! Your website is selling something and in most cases, it is selling you! Now I don’t know about you, but I never learned how to sell in High School English!

In fact, most people don’t know how to sell and originally I didn’t either. Which is why I studied the art of “Salesmanship in Print” otherwise known as Copywriting. This skill in invaluable and certainly helped me to appreciate the power of words.

The words we use to communicate our message with our market is critical! Use the wrong word and all you have is a pretty website with no business coming from it. Use the right words… and your website will become your best salesperson.

YMag Copywriting Tip #1: Stop using the word “that!” In 98% of cases it is a redundant word. When you remove it form your copy, it will become smoother and easier to read.

Happy Writing 🙂


The above article was featured in the July 2014 edition of the YMagazine.

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