SUBJECT LINE:  How Sharp Are You! . . .  

As I was taking a well-earned break from a solid day of frantic writing, I stumbled upon this picture on Facebook.

Sharp Pencils



“It’s Easy To Look SHARP When You Haven’t Done Any Work!



I’m not sure what it was about the picture, but initially it made me laugh… and then, out of the blue, it gave me perhaps the largest “Ah-ha” moment I’d had in a long time!

Because… it made me think of all the “sharp” pencils I’ve met during this glorious journey called life.

And in that unexpected moment of clarity, the penny dropped and I finally knew why some of them annoy me so much!

It’s not because they are sharp… Many of the people I know are incredibly sharp. And they don’t annoy me. (I’m sharp and I don’t annoy myself!)

It was because they are full length, sharp pencils.

Which simply means…

Although they look sharp… they have never done any work!

And usually, these kind of sharp pencils are all looks and no substance.

At the slightest amount of pressure… they break! And it’s hard to get a point back on them again.

Useless! (Actually… pointless would be more accurate!)

Then… there are the sharp, shorter pencils, which have been used and sharpened again. They have lost a little bit of their length in the process, but they are battle hardened and have proven they work.

Not like the fresh out of the box, untested pencils.

So by now, you have probably realized I’m not really just talking about pencils. (Although I do have a healthy stationary addiction!)

I see so many people who look the part and call themselves… copywriters, marketers, business owners and “gurus.”

But the problem is… their sharp and shiny lead tip has never hit the paper!

Now, I totally get the whole… “Fake It ‘til You Make It” idea, but I don’t subscribe to it at all.


Because… I think people get so busy faking it… they never actually make it.

Or what they do make, is fake! (Like a “You Attract What You Put Out” kind of a of thing… Step away from the Deepness!)

For me, if I’m going to identify as a pencil… the only way I can prove it is to risk a little bit of damage or wear and tear… and do what a pencil does best…

Write… Get Sharpened… Write Again!

Otherwise, I’m just a stick impaled with a rod of lead.

Slowly succumbing to the insipid signs and symptoms of self-inflicted lead poisoning… such as delayed learning, irritability and sluggishness. Sounds like a few full-length pencils I know.

(Okay… I know it’s graphite! But the lead poisoning connection wouldn’t work with a graphite pencil. I’m exercising my right to writer’s creativity.)

I guess the real lesson for me from my “Ah-ha” moment was…

Knowledge Nugget #50 – The Sharpest Looking Tool In The Shed May Still Be In Its Original Packaging!

I had never thought of life this way before.

In the past I have fallen prey to the shiny, new looking pencils and stupidly compared myself to them.

In a “Pencil to Pencil” comparison… they appear to win.

They are longer, in better condition and well… you can never replicate the amazing point that a “fresh out of the box” pencil has.

But when it comes to their ability to function…

They are… Untested… Unproven… and Unbelievable!

They’re full of potential, but that’s it!

Now when I look at life through this new perspective… I’m less than impressed! Which is a healthy place to be.

I may be a bit shorter than my freshly unboxed “colleagues” (I’m not sure they deserve that term, but I’m a good sport and they pose no threat to me anyway)… but I on the other hand, have been tested and continue to keep myself sharp.

And I am incredibly proud of my achievements.

So, what kind of pencil are you?

How sharp are you?

Is it time for you to finally get out of your original packaging and show the world what you can do.

It’s time!

Until next week… be safe, take care and get writing! : )

Pauline xxx


P.S.   I used to look down on the not so sharp pencils… but with my new perspective, I can see that at least they’ve tried. I see a lot of the full-length pencils looking down their factory sharpened point at the not so sharp pencils… and they have no right to do so. Until they wear off a bit of their point… there’s not point in paying them any attention.

P.P.S.   Rae & I head off to the U.S. tomorrow to re-sharpen our pencils! I am so nervous and excited! I’m going into the course with a soon to be live copy project… no pressure! Yikes! I’ll be in great hands.

P.P.P.S.   Next week’s email will be coming to you from Denver, Colorado. High in the Rocky Mountains (No special cookies will be eaten during the visit 😉 )

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