SUBJECT LINE:  Debbie Really Did Have Blue Lips! . . . 

“The doctors say there’s something wrong with my heart!” said Debbie

I nodded my head in agreement and said… “I thought you did.”

Shocked, she replied… “How the hell would you know what my heart is doing!”

“Well, the first sign for me was your blue lips and the bulging jugular vein in your neck when you raise your voice… like now.” I said

“My lips aren’t blue! It’s a cosmetic lip liner tattoo.” Debbie countered.

“Well, I don’t know why you’d pick a blue lip liner?” …I replied.

“I didn’t and MY LIPS AREN”T BLUE! Got it!” scoffed Debbie.

Now because we were in the middle of nowhere, at a place called Wolverine Canyon… somewhere in “I don’t know” Idaho and I had no way to get back to civilization… I dropped it.

It was settled! …Debbie’s lips weren’t blue!

But silently, I was sticking to my guns… her lips were definitely blue!

I was surprised no one before me had ever mentioned it to her. (It’s a shame because she could have had it seen to sooner.)

That was on Saturday.

On Monday morning we went to our Intuitive Anatomy class (which involved psychic scanning and other awesome “out there” activities) and Debbie mentioned our conversation to our teacher.

It turned out our teacher was on my side and praised me for my keen observation.

Later that day, we had a bunch of people come in to be our scanning “guinea pigs.”

Now, before I go on… I don’t expect you to believe me that it’s actually possible to psychically scan a person’s body for disease.

(I mean that would turn the medical profession on its head and challenge everything you know about the industry!)

I certainly wouldn’t expect you to believe that most people have this ability and never use or develop it. This isn’t that kind of email 🙂

(Because who says we only have 5 senses? What a ridiculously limiting belief! Just because science can’t measure things yet… it doesn’t mean they don’t exist… or so I believe!)

Anyway, onwards…

Our scanning subjects who we had never met before were standing at the front of the classroom.

One by one, we scanned them and then silently wrote down our findings.

Because I have already jeopardized our fragile relationship but pushing the limits of believability… I won’t tell you everything which happened in the classroom.

However, I’ll share one particular woman’s scan with you because it is 100% relevant to this week’s knowledge nugget.

After we had all completed scanning her, we were asked to share our findings.

Most of my classmates didn’t find too much to report… To them, she was a picture of good health.

…But then it was my turn : )

Nervously I said… “I get that Ida Hoe has a shortage of Growth Hormone and has had or does have kidney disease… even bordering on kidney failure.”

A few of my fellow students snickered and my teacher, who knew the medical history and conditions of our guinea pigs, smiled and nodded her head approvingly.

It turned out I was right! (And I had a high level of accuracy for the other scans too.)

What an amazing display of psychic awesomeness!

Or was it?

I was a bit confused so I had a chat with my teacher.

You see, I didn’t know if I had “picked up” psychically what was happening with Ida Hoe… or it was just my “nurses intuition?”

And if it was my nurses intuition… I felt like I’d cheated.

The reason is… Nurses and Doctors are trained to look for the small signs and symptoms other people miss. It’s what we do (and although I haven’t nursed in a while… I still do it.)

Little signs… Like the color of people’s lips, the stunted growth shown by short arms… as well as the obvious height issue.

And… the unhealthy looking skin of a person whose kidneys are unable to filter the blood anymore (so the blood is sent to the skin for filtering… but it can’t do what kidneys do so the skin fills up with toxins and changes color. I need to add… I’m not talking about jaundice here. That’s a liver condition and is really obvious… The “kidney color” is different.)

I notice what’s there and what’s not.

I notice every little thing.

It’s the same with copywriting.

When I am asked to critique people’s writing, the mistakes and things they haven’t included almost seem to highlight themselves on the page. (It’s okay, I don’t do psychic critiques… those cost extra) ; )

But in other aspects of my life and business… there are tons of things I do miss in my everyday life.

For example… one of my awesome readers is a wiz with InfusionSoft (the email you’re reading right now comes to you via InfusionSoft) and she suggested I make my email more mobile friendly.

Hmm, it had never occurred to me there was anything wrong with the emails I send.

I try to make them people friendly with charming stories and nuggets of knowledge… but mobile friendly hadn’t occurred to me.

I think it’s because I read a ton of emails on my mobile devices each day and if I can’t read them easily (and I want to read them), I simply turn my device sideways… problem solved.

But to be honest, I didn’t originally see a problem… because I haven’t been trained to. Sure I have heard that you need to make emails mobile friendly…

Yet because I didn’t see it as a problem for me… I didn’t think it was a problem of other people.

And this leads me into this weeks’…

Knowledge Nugget #47 – You’ll See What You’re Trained To See… And Miss The Rest!

I really appreciate the suggestion to change my email because it makes it easier for you to read.

And as an avid reader of text on screens… any opportunity to help your eyes is well worth it.

So, you might be thinking, if I know emails should be readable on a mobile device… why didn’t I do it already?

Simple… it isn’t my specialty.

I just write the words… and I don’t often worry about how they are formatted or presented.

I just trust my web woman to do the job for me to the best of her abilities. (She’s no specialist in this stuff either. She just does the best she can.)

And that’s my point.

You do the best you can, until you know better.

Now we know better, we’ll do better.

So often I see people judging others for not seeing the obvious, for not doing something to prevent what they can “clearly” see happening right in front of them…

But how can they, if they don’t actually see it.

This brings me back to… “Debbie Blue Lips.”

Now a nurse like me could wonder how blue her lips have to be before she’ll do something about her heart issues… but she wasn’t trained to see it like I was.

But when she had it pointed out to her… it’s all she could see!

“Shit! My lips ARE BLUE!!”she shrieked.

When I told my (nice) fellow classmates how I could “see” the kidney disease and growth hormone issues in Ida Hoe… they could too. And they couldn’t stop seeing it.

You see, once something is in our Reticular Activating System (or RAS which is the facility in our brain that notices familiar things)… it’s stuck in there.

You won’t be able to help noticing things whether you want to or not!

How can you use this special part of your brain for the betterment of your day-to-day life?

When you notice others are missing something you think is basic… do you let them know?

Do you use your powers for good or bad?

These are some great things to think about.

Until next week… be safe, take care and look beyond the obvious! : )

Pauline xxx

Pauline Longdon
a.k.a…”The Copy Alchemist”

P.S.   I can spot a “Superfluous That” from a mile away. And that’s part of the development of my Copywriter RAS. I also find myself complimenting people on the fonts they use… I am such a word nerd!

P.P.S.   I had some great feedback about last week’s “Bamboo” email. It seems I was able to inspire a few people who were thinking about uprooting all their hard work.

Don’t give up on yourself… there are plenty of other people to do it for you!

Just keep moving forward and improving 1% per week.

P.P.P.S.   So here’s an interesting insight… My teacher in Idaho told me… “Whether I could psychically scan or used my nurses intuition was really unimportant in the grand scheme of things. A lot of the time we get caught up in the wrong details. The only detail I needed to concentrate on was my accuracy.”

Still to this day, I don’t how it works, but it does… and that’s all I need to know : )

So… to finish off… in the wise words of Rae Brent… “Forget The How… And Just Allow!”

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