SUBJECT LINE:   “Hey, You Wanna F*^K!”…

I was listening to Ryan Deiss on a webinar a few weeks ago. He sure is one bright guy!

When he describes marketing, he like many others, uses the analogy of a relationship.

It’s such a simple, yet effective way to explain it. But he added the caution… “Skip two of these steps and you have committed assault!”

Whoa! That’s so true! I had never thought of it that way.

Lately I’ve seen a number of “gurus” bucking the system and going “Full Contrarian” on established and successful marketing practices.

They declare their departure from the marketing mainstream on Facebook because (get ready for it)… their customers are different.

Apparently there is no need for marketing, cheesy/ hypey copywriting or anything like that. All they need is a simple “Buy Button” on a webpage and their peeps will buy from them, all day everyday!

They are warned by the wise and experienced that they need to tread carefully, because although it may seem to be a good idea… it might actually blow up in their face.

Arrogantly, they scoff at such “ridiculous” suggestion because…

 “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Guru Pissinmapockit!
…Me and my people are different!”

But the problem is… they’re not.

When I look at Ryan’s relationship analogy, what they have essentially done is…

Gone through the first date, second date and the wedding… and now they’ve let themselves go. They’ve packed on a bit of weight, stopped the hair maintenance (you know what I’m talking about!) and they’re doing all the things they never wanted their partner to see before they were married, right in front of them! (I don’t know anyone who truly likes seeing their spouse on the toilet or picking their nose.)

All of the special magic that brought the two parties together has been eroded or ignored.

Now you have one partner walk up to the other and say… “Hey, you wanna f*^k!”

Don’t get me wrong, this approach can and occasionally does work. You may catch your partner in the right mood, but the results you get never happen by design. They are more attributed to happenstance.

And, in the business world… you wouldn’t want to rely on that to make any money or a profit, would you?

But isn’t that what business is all about? Making a sale! And… to continue making sales.

These so called “gurus” have already made their sales, so now they are experts on how to make a successful business. They are selling their “new sales method” to their avid followers (who haven’t made many sales and don’t have a track record) and they are all enjoying the thrill of “sticking it to the system!”

The only problem is…

When you look at it closely, did they use their new B.S. “contrarian” business model to get to where they are today?

Nope… not at all!

They used what everyone else is using… the conventional marketing wisdom that people like Robert Collier, Claude Hopkins, Gene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, Clayton Makepeace and a host of other copywriting and marketing greats have used before them.

Why? Because it works!

Knowledge Nugget #33: Don’t Take People For Granted!

These business owners, parading as contrarian marketers, have no idea. And their brand new business model is going to implode… but they are blissfully unaware.

They are essentially taking their partner for granted… and we all know how that ends  🙁

Couples divorce, partners cheat and what used to be an amazing relationship is now soured or has become pedestrian.

People like to be treated like they’re special… they like to be appreciated… they like to be wooed, even after they are married.

That’s why “Date Nights” are so popular.

We are in such a great position to stand on the shoulders of the giants that have come before us. People like Robert Collier, Gene Schwartz, Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss… and every other marketer who has shared their knowledge with us.

Many have spent more money than the majority of us could ever hope to make in this lifetime testing their methods.

So… would it be wise to believe or trust a person who on a whim, has decided to throw conventional wisdom and knowledge to the wind to do their own thing?

Or trust the marketing pro’s who have invested the equivalent of a small nations’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on testing every single thing they do?

As a deeply intuitive person, you know what… even I am guided to follow the marketing pros! Because they have the track record and the proof to back up their claims.

Besides, the “guru’s” are skipping steps and assaulting their customers/ clients… and the worst part is, they don’t even know it.

They are so caught up in fulfilling their own needs:

  • This way I don’t need an expensive copywriter
  • I don’t need a web developer
  • I don’t need to do ads
  • I get to cut costs

It’s all about them… not the person they are marketing to.

They are literally f*^king their clients and f*^king up their business!

I’ve made a nice big bowl of popcorn and am sitting back watching the show. I have their names on my list of people to NOT work with, because in their relentless ranting, they have disrespected everything that has allowed them to be where they are today.

And that is copywriting and marketing.

I will agree with one thing they all say though.

“We don’t need hypey, cheesy copy to sell our products!”

I certainly 100% agree with that! No one needs hypey, cheesy copy to sellany product.

Any copywriter worth their high fees can write considerate, seductive, empathetic copy.  Because when they do, their writing takes the client out on a “Date Night” and makes them feel special and considered. (After they have what they want… then you can get what you want!)

What the gurus don’t understand is, when you take someone for granted, they start to look around for other options. And it will be my absolute pleasure writing for these “guru’s” competitors and offering an alternate option. One that values the client’s wants, needs and their desires.

Sounds harsh? Perhaps?

I have no sympathy for people who mislead others for their own personal gain.

But the people who follow these false prophets are heading for a downfall as well and there isn’t much I can do about it.

I am just very grateful that I’ve had such solid mentors and influences who have helped me get where I am… and I have no intention of crapping on their strong, solid shoulders like these “guru’s’ have.

Until next week, be safe, take care and stand tall!


Pauline xxx 

Pauline Longdon
a.k.a. “The Copy Alchemist”


P.S.   This doesn’t mean you don’t sell to people. Of course you do! You don’t have to soft sell either. The funny thing is, people hate to be sold to… but they expect it. And when you don’t do what they expect, it freaks them out. Make it easy for them to give you their money… but you need to do the work to make it worth their while.

   Have you seen the pick up artists who travel the world teaching men their “brand new” methods? Men go crazy thinking they know something new… something they have missed. So they hand over their money in the hope of being better at picking up women.

But they are missing a very simple truth… women don’t want to be “picked up” and their desires have not changed since the dawn of time. So these “guru’s” don’t have anything new… they’ve just put some glitter on an old technique and made it look new again.

And then there are the reckless, “contrarian pick up gurus” who say things like “it’s okay to assault the woman because when she says no… she really means yes!” These guys should not be listened to and avoided at all costs! (And as we saw in the News recently, they often live at home with their Mothers. What a fraud!)

I suspect this new wave of “Contrarian Marketing Geniuses” are pretty much the same? They don’t have the fortunes they claim to have… they don’t have the sales track record and… they definitely don’t have the longevity in the industry they think they have.

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