SUBJECT LINE: Choose Your Battles Wisely!…

Have you ever wanted to say something but knew it would turn into a huge S*^t Fight!

It happens to me every now and then (Okay! It happens a lot!) But one thing I am grateful for is how age has given me the gift of discernment… so, I now have the magical ability to hold my tongue when I need to.

Recently, a friend of mine posted a video of a New Age Guru on their Facebook wall. My friend can be a bit snarky and gruff, and this day they were in fine form. They were calling out the guru as a “B.S. Artist” amongst other harsh and unkind things. (Which is totally okay on their own wall)

Their friends had jumped on the bandwagon and were joining in with the“Woo Woo Shaming Show.”

The comments made me shudder. Apparently he was speaking in tongues and they couldn’t understand him at all. It was a… “Right Royal Free For All!”

I hadn’t heard of him before, so I was curious to see what had everyone so riled up.

I pressed the play button and sat back, almost afraid of what I was going to see.

Before I knew it, the video had ended. I could hardly believe it… did I miss something? It was weird, because nothing in it triggered me.

So I watched it again, this time as a marketer… and the same thing. Again… no triggers.

But, I did have a few simple observations instead.

So, here they are:

The guru obviously knew who he was talking to and used his language masterfully. (I didn’t pick up any “tongues” talk, unless I speak in them too. All he was doing was using the appropriate “Woo Woo” words to captivate and communicate with his audience.)

He named his processes, which is what we are all taught by the marketing masters. (He took a simple everyday thing and named it something different… but it made sense.)

And his message was clear… as clear as a Tibetan quartz healing crystal!

The only thing I’d ping him on was his lack of a call to action at the end. But other than that, to me, the video was good.

So I went back to my friends post and hovered my cursor over the comment section.

I was so tempted to jump in and make a simple observation, but I knew I’d be torn apart faster than a school of piranhas chowing down on a cow! And I was not in the mood for those kinds of shenanigans.

So I left it alone, because… sometimes you have to choose your battles wisely. And because I knew they just wouldn’t get the simple wisdom right there in front of them.

How did I know this? Simple, their hyperactive ranting about the “false prophet” proved it.

And because it would be such a shame to let my observations go to waste, I thought I’d share the wisdom with people who not only “get it”… but would appreciate it too.


Knowledge Nugget #31: When The Student Is Ready 
…The Teacher Appears!


Now, I’m sure you have heard that saying before. It’s a valuable piece of conventional wisdom.

It’s also a staple teaching of the New Age Spiritual movement.

Most people think it’s about a person turning up… kind of like the guy on the video. But I think it can be deeper than that (Of course I do! It’s the awesome way I’m wired).

But, let’s go surface level first…

So, a teacher (the guru in the video) appeared but the student was not ready (the person being snarky about the video), and then more students turned up and they were most definitely not ready.

To them, the teacher was talking in tongues… was a charlatan and was also endangering people’s lives.

But I can tell that he wasn’t endangering anyone, and here’s why…

In my years as a Spiritual Healing Teacher, I had frequent encounters with people like the skeptics mentioned above. They’d listen to what I’d say, read what I wrote and then try to challenge me on it.

But the problem was, they were experiencing it through their filters (Reticular Activating System… they were actually talking out their RAS!) or belief system. This is like them having a set of prescription glasses made to fit their model of the world, at the expense of seeing anything or everything else.

Therefore, the people attacking the teacher on my friend’s page would never have found his video if it hadn’t been for my friend posting it… and the fact that they had found it, showed an underlying interest in the guy in the first place.

He wasn’t harming anyone with his advice because… people see only what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and know what they want to know and nothing more.

But it’s not their fault… it’s just the way it is. (Humans are such interesting animals!)

We all do it. I’ve done it. I still do it.

For years I had been going to Mal Emery (known as Australia’s Millionaire Maker… and the guy who gave me my first paid copywriting job) events for years, but although he was the right person… it was the wrong time. I wasn’t ready for what he had to share with me.

Until one day I was finally ready… he appeared and the rest is now history.

This is the obvious side of the “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” scenario. But does the teacher always have to be a person. Could it be a situation or experience instead?

I not only think it can… I know it can.

When I look at my experience with depression it has been the most powerful teacher I have had so far this lifetime. The lessons were not only linked to individual people but to a whole situation.

It’s funny that the condition that threatened my very existence… liberated me in ways I am only just discovering now! It’s amazing.

In relation to the situation I mentioned above… on the surface it may seem to be fairly simple and pretty obvious, but what if I was the student and the situation was my teacher.

When I look at it this way, I receive the gift of observation, a candid and unrestricted view into human psychology in action… and best of all, I received recognition of how far I’ve come in life.

The video guru really wasn’t saying anything different than Brue Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins or even myself. His message struck a chord with me and showed me there is a huge market for that kind of message and how to channel it.

And the skeptics showed me that there would always be the knockers who’ll never be ready for any message you want to give them. So for me, I need to choose my battles wisely.

The situation with the video guru and my friend was simply a way for me to consolidate a life lesson. I am glad to see how far I’ve come.

Oh, and the other way this works is when you move from student to teacher.

Even when the teacher is not quite ready… the student can and will appear.

This is an interesting part of the game of life. And one I haven’t quite sorted out yet. The mentor within me is stirring, but hasn’t fully awakened yet. I’m sure she will soon.

The teachers we seek are all around us… but sometimes we are not ready for them and in fact, we may never be ready. And that’s okay.

Employ the principle of Kaizen, which is small incremental improvement and when you are ready… your teacher will appear.

Until next week… be safe, take care and be awesome!


Pauline xxx 

Pauline Longdon
a.k.a. “The Copy Alchemist”

   I’ve had some wonderful teachers just “appear out of nowhere!” But when I look back as an observer, I can see what was happening to invite them in. Life really is amazing… when you allow it to be.

   Sometimes, because we think something is so obvious… we don’t look as closely as we could. I used to do it all the time. It really is the difference between “knowing” and that visceral knowing.

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