Who Is Pauline Longdon...

Pauline Longdon, is an Emotional Direct Response Copywriter and Marketer, who has crammed a decade of copywriting experience into only a few short years. She has made a seamless transition from retired Army Nursing Major, to a complimentary therapist, a businessperson and now as a well-paid, in demand copywriter.

Pauline uses her vast life experience and natural communication style to help translate her clients heartfelt and mindful messages into meaningful marketing masterpieces.

She has actively sought out opportunities to expand and accelerate her development as a copywriter and marketer. Pauline has learned from and worked with some of the best marketers and copywriters in the business such as Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, John Carlton, Gary Halbert and Clayton Makepeace.

Mal Emery (Australia’s Millionaire Maker) was one of the first people to recognise Pauline’s writing ability and asked her to join his coveted copywriting team. She blew him away with her first ever “Shock and Awe” Pack and she continued to do so with the next 20 she wrote for him. To have a Mal Emery Critique with only “ticks” and no long “written in red” comments is rare indeed... yet for Pauline it became a common sight.

Pauline travels regularly to the U.S. to further her copywriting and marketing education so she can stay at the top of her game for her clients.

Pauline has managed to catch the eye of many of the copywriting veterans around the world. Her grounded personality and solid character makes her a pleasure to work with. She is truly a rising star of the global copywriting scene.