In a content hungry online world, it can be hard to keep up with the constant demand for new material. It is tempting to outsource the task to a writer who can do them quickly for you. But they will rarely be able write the same way you do. The risk here is a huge disconnect with your readers and customers or clients if they do a bad job.

You may be thinking… “Well, it is alright for you Little Miss Copywriter! Where do I get all my inspiration from?”

You see I have learned a few pretty cool tricks along the way. And the great news is, I am happy to share a few with you. Right now I’ll share three of my favourites.

I have to warn you though. Once you find your writing mojo, you will find yourself loving writing like never before. Get ready…

Writing Secret #1: Write it, then right it. Turn off your inner critic and editor when you start writing. If you make a mistake or see a typo, keep writing because you can “right” it later.

When you break the creative flow with self-judgment or criticism, you start to get stuck and writing becomes a chore. Stay in the writing zone and edit your work later.

Writing Secret #2: Use a timer to write in “chunks.” I use a ladybug kitchen timer. (It is a “copy bug” I give to people who buy my copywriting course. It is very cute!) I like it because it has a ticking sound and it gives me a sense of time passing by. When my timer is on, there is no emails, Facebook or internet (unless I need to research more what I am writing about while I write.)

Although we live in a digital age, using your iPhone or any other device can be distracting. Many writers will write in 13, 33 or 50 minute chunks. It is surprising how much more productive and focused you can be.

Writing Secret #3: Writers block only happens when you don’t research enough. The more you know about your topic or subject, the more you have to write about. If you find yourself staring at a blank screen, you need to research deeper.

Look for what other people are writing about or saying about your subject matter. How can you improve on their material, oppose their opinion or show your expertise in your field. Collect your ideas for articles and blogs in a notebook because when you think it… you should ink it. Otherwise you will lose the idea forever.

Once I knew these writing secrets and more importantly, started to apply them… my writing world changed dramatically. I know when you implement these secrets into your life and business… writing will no longer be such a chore.

Happy writing.


The above article was featured in the August 2014 edition of the YMagazine.

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